Sunday Fun Day

After a lazy morning I was back on the bike and headed to the Westminster area. My plan was to ride over to Winston Churchill’s Museum/ Cabinet War Rooms and check them out.

My route took me along past St Paul’s Cathedral and then past some properties that I had previously bought and sold when playing Monopoly including Fleet Street and The Strand. The architecture through this area is simply stunning and I felt like I was on a movie set. It is fair to say that after seeing the buildings in this area the next time I buy them I won’t be selling!

I also rode past the Australian High Commission which is in a commanding position along Fleet Street.

Australia High Commission

I ended up returning my bike at the top of the Mall and then walking through St James Park to the War Bunkers.

The Churchill Museum and War Rooms were interesting. They were the underground bunkers that Churchill had secretly built from which he could run the war during bombing raids on London. Winston Churchill was at times a difficult and abrupt man to work for but was revered by his staff. He hated noise and even had special typewriters commissioned to keep them quiet.

From there, I headed over to the Westminster Abbey area which was jam packed with people on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Westminster Abbey

I crossed over the Thames and headed for the London Dungeon, only to decide that the line was too long once I arrived. Worried that I was going to starve, I started searching for some food when a street food market place appeared around a corner. There was food stalls from all over the world and I settled on an organic burger for a late lunch, primarily because it was conveniently situated next to a micro brewery tent and the curry tent looked way too scary. As I sat at a table to eat and people watch, I realised that I had hit the jackpot and the couple opposite me must have been having their first date. We started having fun, our threesome, him talking, her giggling and appearing very interested, me eating my burger, drinking a pint and being very attentive. Things appeared to be going well. And then it hit me, here we were, the three of us sharing part of a table in a busy little street market on a sunny Sunday afternoon and he was never going to stop droning on about his work (he was an IT guy who had to get everything authorised in LA which was proving to be problematic). She was still paying attention and seemed to be into him which was amazing me as I was finding him boring now and was hoping that our lady friend would be given the opportunity to talk.  A few minutes later with no change to the conversation I cut him loose, trying to send a telepathic message to her that she should do the same before I headed off.

That evening I rode across the Thames again towards South Bank, heading for some more culture at Shakespeare’s Globe. Five quid later I was standing in the Yard with a gin and tonic in hand, waiting for the play Imogen to start. The Globe is an academic reconstruction of the famous venue at which Shakespeare’s plays were performed from the 1600’s.  The Yard is standing room only a the front of the stage which allows you to have intimate contact with the actors, indeed on several occasions the actors came down into the Yard and continued to perform within the crowd. It was a spectacular sight and something to put on the list if you ever attend London, I very much enjoyed being there.

Shakespeare’s Globe

One thought on “Sunday Fun Day

  1. Sounds like you are having an amazing time. Only thing missing is your beautiful wife and children. They are so excited 😆 to be coming to spend time with you, and see your smiling face. London is having better weather than us ?? Go figure doesn’t seem right. Ah well. Hopefully it will be summer soon. Look 👀 forward to continuing to read your travels and share the interesting places you visit.


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